How the DIY Wash Works

Washing Your Pet with No Mess

At HAIR of the DOG Salon, washing your dog will be fun and easy! We will provide everything you need to keep your four-legged friend smelling and looking great. Then you are able to take your pet and leave the mess with us!! Appointments aren't necessary, but are preferred for your convience! Just bring in your fur baby and we supply the rest. We promise you will love the fact of not having the mess at home or the achy back from leaning over a tub. You will also have the option to rent the tools to groom your own pet if you wish.

We have two grooming stations available for rent for professional groomers. Groomers would then be available by appointment. This will work much like a beauty salon.

What We Provide

  • Large Professional top-of-the-line Tubs with Ramp
  • Non-toxic Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Aprons
  • Towels
  • Professional Dryers
  • Brushes
  • Hydraulic Grooming Table


The shampoos that we will be providing for the DIY wash are safe and non-toxic. It is concentrated so you are able to use less and be sure to get a good lather because it will work best. You will have 4 shampoos to choose from:

  1. Unscented Aloe for Ultra Sensitive Skin
  2. Hypoallergenic & Formulated for Allergies
  3. Lavender & Oatmeal (restores dry & itchy skin while moisturizing)
  4. Cedar, Peppermint & Eucalyptus 2 in 1 (natural pest control & conditioning)

The rinse is Apple Cider Vinegar with oils. This is a spray that helps condition, yeast relief, de-shedding and also natural pest control.


Buy 6 washes, get 1 FREE!

Check with your HAIR of the DOG specialist to see how you can sign up for this deal!

Grinnell Nursing Home Residents

$25 Delivery Cleaning

Call and make an appointment for us to clean your pet including pick up, bathe, dry, brush out, give your pet a treat, and return them to you nice and clean!

Book your appointment today!

DIY Wash Pricing


Any size $15
Foster $10

Monthly fee: $60 for one dog / $90 for two dogs
Yearly fee: $550 for one dog / $880 for two dogs


Any size $10
Foster $5


  • Certified Organic Aloe Based Shampoo - $2.00 up charge
         -Revitalize - Orange Neem
         -Calm - Lavender
         -Soothe - Hypoallergenic
         -Cooling - Peppermint Tea Tree
         -Moisturize - Lemongrass Hemp
  • Grooming Set - $15.00 or $5.00 per item
         -Dremel/Nail trimmer
         -Tooth brush w/ Natural Dental Powder
         -Trimming Clippers
         -Detangling tool
  • Paw Treatment - $2.00
  • Flea Wash - $5.00
  • Skunk Wash - $5.00 (not a guarantee to rid it totally)
  • Touch-Up Sprays - $1.50
         -Relax - Lavender
         -Energize - Peppermint
         -Revitalize - Orange
         -Rejuvenate - Lemongrass
         -Balance - Rose

Print Your Forms

Save time checking in by downloading these forms to fill out at home so you can be all ready for your appointment!