Hot DOG Poop Patrol

Since our focus is all about keeping your pets healthy and avoiding toxins, we have now added Hot DOG Poop Patrol. This is extremely important because dog poop is an ongoing environmental concern. Dog poop can harbor bacteria, viruses, parasites, as well as, pathogens (, Author Susan Frienkel). Many of these pathogens can actually infect humans. Hot DOG Poop Patrol wants to be sure to protect our local environment and the health of our pets, wildlife and ourselves. Dogs are always going to poop so it's our obligation to take care of our dogs, as well as, our environment.

Hot DOG Poop Patrol offers affordable dog poop removal. Actual cost varies for each customer because prices are based upon the number of dogs, yard size and frequency of dog poop scooping. Price includes us walking the yard, scoop poop into bag and placing bag within your designated trash can provided by pet owner. We will also put an environmentally and pet safe sanitizer on your yard that kills major pet viruses, bacteria and pathogens (including Parvo).

Important: A first time clean up charge may apply

The lawn will need to be mowed or we may end up missing some piles. If lawn is too high, we have the right to refuse and will be back the next week and the fee will be for both weeks because we are picking up the poop for the 2 weeks, we just weren't able to do it the scheduled week due to the grass being so tall.

WINTER MONTHS: This has been an extremely difficult decision. We get large amounts of snow at various times and piles get buried or frozen. We will not be picking up during the winter months unless there is NO snow on the ground. Then in the spring time, we will do a special 1st time clean up fee.

Pricing Details

$12 weekly visit for 1 dog -- $10 per visit on 2 weekly visits for 1 dog
$45 month for once-a-week visit (1 dog)
$50 month for once-a-week visit (2 dogs)
$55 month for once-a-week visit (3 dogs)
4 dogs or more - schedule an appointment to discuss rates
Bi-Weekly rates are available starting at $25 per visit

$1.50 charge for each additional dog on weekly visits per visit
(EX: $13.50 visit for 2 dogs -- $11.50 per visit on 2 weekly visit for 2 dogs)

Additional fees may apply for larger yards

DISCLAIMER: Prices are not permanent and are subject to change. These prices above are to give a general idea of the prices of our services and are not intended to act as a contract for services.