About Us

Our Story

Cheryl and Jeff Juhl are the proud owners of HAIR of the DOG Salon. Most of you know me (Cheryl) as I am a native of Grinnell and will be operating the store on a daily basis. This way you're not going to be seeing someone different each time you go in. I will have a couple of associates helping out, but the personal attention and knowledge will still be there. Jeff is a native of Des Moines and is employed at Titan Tire. He was a little skeptical at first, but is being very supportive and helping in every way possible. We have always had a passion for animals and a big soft spot for strays that usually end up at our home.

We are going to make sure that your fur baby is treated like a King / Queen while in our store. Get a bath, a treat, a drink of water and LOTS of attention!! We want to make sure that treatment continues at home and that you are able to purchase food, treats and supplements that are good for your dog or cat.

We at HAIR of the DOG Salon are excited to offer these services and hope you will enjoy also.

How We Got Started

Cynthia Sherman was on a trip and had a vision that the wonderful Grinnell community needed a Do It Yourself Dog Wash and more importantly Health Food Store for dogs and cats. She began her mission by doing research and putting a business plan into place. This is when she decided to share this as a business opportunity to someone using her as the Business Consultant. After one phone call with Cynthia, I decided that she was absolutely correct. We had a meeting and hit the ground running after that. Cynthia is such a positive role model to the community and her passion and enthusiasm are so contagious! I couldn't think of anyone better to work with and have as a Consultant. She has started and sold five businesses, three of which are ongoing in Grinnell plus Prairie Loft rentals.

Passionate About Strays

HAIR of the DOG Salon is committed to helping organizations who provide for homeless dogs and cats and work to find a "furever " home for those animals. We will work with PALS on an ongoing basis and assist them with adoptions and other special events. This will hopefully allow more people to see these wonderful little ones and give them a home.